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Creating The Fireworks

Michael Kahn


I am professional writer with over 45 years experience.  I know what it takes to shape words that are blindingly rich, that spell out who you are: capturing a picture of you that’s distinctive, unforgettable, mesmerizing.   


The essay that gets you into the college of your choice.


I always work one-on-one, offering guidance and advice in a non-judgmental, objective way.  And, just as important, I am always there when you need me.


I can make this guarantee: your essay will be yours.  You’ll avoid clichés and what’s predictable.  You’ll open yourself up.   Show spirit.  Be insightful.


At the end of the day, when you’re about to send the essay off, you’ll ask yourself: “Could anyone else have written this?  Can anyone else talk this way, have this attitude, speak with this personality?”  No, of course not.


And for that, you will create a commotion. And for that, the admissions officer will remember you.


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