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Your Questions. My Answers.

How long will it take to get my essay ready to be sent to the colleges?

That depends on how quickly you get your first draft to me, how many changes need to be made to that draft, and how many additional revisions have to be written.  But I can guarantee that your essay will arrive at the admissions office on time.


Do I get the chance to meet you face to face?

Of course.  Our first meeting will accomplish that.  Either in person or via Skype.


How do you work with me?  On a one-on-one-basis?

We’ll have our initial face-to-face.  From then on, I work via e-mail, Skype and many phone conversations.

I don’t believe in merely sending you an email without discussing why something needs changing. 


How do I know that you’re right for me?

I’ve never worked with any student that didn’t get along with me.  And whose work wasn’t significantly improved as a result.


What if my first draft isn’t that good?

You and I will make it better.


Do I have any say in your recommendations/suggestions?

Absolutely.  I can only suggest.  You have the final “yes.”


Can you tell me some of the schools that former students, with your help, have gained admission to?

Stanford, George Washington, Columbia. Cooper Union, NYU, Boston College, The Art Institute of Chicago, Bard, Maryland Institute College of Art, Marist, The School of Visual Arts, Parsons, Pratt, and Long Island University C.W. Post, and State Universities.


I’m already in college and want to transfer. Can you help?

Yes.  Even if you’re in grad school, I can offer assistance.

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